Stars from the latest film by Studio X Films

The latest film by Julia comes with famous movie stars in Sri Lanka.

Sound Studio

Studio X Film  Recording Studio  is providing  complete recording and production service,  from the first note to the finished and packaged product

#  We can sequence and program your midi, and have it recorded to sound more life like.
#  We can do the reverse, by taking your mp3, and converting it into sheet music.
#  Do you have lyrics? Do you have midi? We have singers who can can take your lyrics and sing to them.
   We can then take your midi, record it, and mix your lyrics to your newly formed mp3 or wav.
# Do you need music for a film? How about music for a video game? 
   Work with our composers who will not only compose the music for you, 
   but also record it to an mp3 so that you can set the right mood for your media.
# Only You should have a need to make a song.we will provide you liric and music for you.

Logic pro as soon.

Line 6 Studio Pod Pro 
presonus preamp
casio Advance piono
stratocaster leed guitar
Lbanez Atk bass guitar
axiom 61 midi keyboard
ediroll ua 25 Audio capture card
mackie EFX16 analog Mixer 
admira hand made guitars

Studio Monitors:

 (1)Event  Monitors  + sub
 (2)Behringer Monitors

(1) Se Electornic 1000a
(2) Audio technica Tube mic, 
(3) shure 57 and 58, 
(4) Samson Drum kit mic

PLUG IN's and Rtas + vst :
Analog factory.
Stylus rmx
Toontrack superior drumer 
Native instruments
Virtual guitarist
Virtual bassist
Virtual piono
Art vista grnd piono.
Miroslav Philharmonik
EW QL Symphonic Choir
Spectrasonics Omnisphere 
iZotope collection 
Antares Auto Tunner 3
WavesGold TDM Gold Bundle:
L1 UltraMax, C1 Comp/Gate/Sidechain, S1 Stereo Imager, Q10 Paragraphic EQ,
TrueVerb Virtual Room, PAZ PsychoAcoustic Analyzer, Renaissance Compressor,
Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Reverb, SuperTap, MondoMod, MetaFlanger, Doppler,
Enigma, UltraPitch, AudioTrack, PS22 PseudoStereo, MaxxBass , Desser and
C4 MultiBand Parametric Processor
Impact by Digidesign:
Reverb One by Digidesign, 
Virus Indigo by Access Music, Speed by Wave Mechanics
Oxford EQ by Sony, Amp Farm by Line 6
Maxim by Digidesign, D-Fi by Digidesign, Bruno/Reso by Digidesign
Compressor Bundle Universal Audio: LA2A & 1176 LN


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