Stars from the latest film by Studio X Films

The latest film by Julia comes with famous movie stars in Sri Lanka.


Studio x Film Productions can help get you there!

Studio x film works one on one with you developing a sound that's unique and giving your music demo master the professional
sound you need. It doesn't matter if it's your first time in the recording studio, or if you have been making records for years.

We'll give you master quality MUSIC production at surprisingly low rates.   
All YOU have to do is SING!!  
When your music demo master is done, we will work with you to devise a winning strategy and 
create a step by step plan for your success.
    * We Help you get your music to internet , 
    * Create a polished press package with a professional presentation
    * Decide where to best market yourself and how,

Studio X film is a production company with a music recording studio in Sri lanka, 
offering demo music production, song writer demos, singer demos and demo tapes for the independent artist, 
singers and songwriters looking for information on how to get a record deal. 
Our music production business works with record labels,
music production companies, Studio x film Sound Studios provides top music Composers and engineers to produce your 
project to help you get a record deal. We also offer career guidance once your music demo tape

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