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Julia - Synopsis

Dilrukshan Karaliedda Bandara is the prodigal son born to the aristocratic family of Karaliedda Bandara. He ended up in England after squandering his parents huge wealth and finally mortgaging even his ancestral residence, the Padukka Walala(Manor). Dilrukshan’s mother is not alive and his farther, Keraliedda Bandara is an invalid, his life confined to a wheel chair.

In England, Dilrukshan is known to everyone as Dilruk. Dev is his bosom pal. Dev is an orphan, his only sibling being his younger sister Thanuja. Both of them reside in England. A free spender by nature, Dilruk soon finds himself up to his neck in debt. Finally he ends up borrowing heavily from an Englishman little knowing he is a gagster from the underworld.

Meanwhile, Dilru who’s a frequent visitor to Dev’s house starts an affair with Thanuja. One day, while all three were at Dev’s house, the Englishman barges in with three black pals – gangsters of the underworld and gets hold of Dilru. He demands that debts should be paid in full immediately. To escape punishment, Dilru asks the Englishman to take his wife who was present there as a hostage. He eccepts the offer but when Dev tries to intervene, they clobber him. This incident led Dilru to leave England and escape to Canada. Time passes by, and one day Dev suddenly discovers the dead body of Thanuja.

Dev, then and there, make a vow to himself to avenge the death of his only family member, the beloved sister. Dev, spends months in searching for Dilru and comes to know the in the end that Dilru has arrived in Sri Lanka. Dev comes to Sri Lanka in search of Dilru.

Having arrived in Sri Lanka, Dilru has, by now fallen in love with Rosie Julia Lewkegedara, the only daughter of proud and haughty aristocrats, Lewkegedara George and Lewkegedara Doreen of the Kumara Walawwa.

Dev who came to Sri Lanka in search of Dilru, in the meantime, finds his way to Padukka Walawwa. There he discovers that Karaliedda Bandara, unable to bear the loss of their ancestral residence forfeited to cover the mortgage, has committed suicide by shooting himself.

However, Dev doesn’t give up his search and eventually comes to know that Dilru is in the habit of frequenting a Tourist Hotel in the coastal area. He goes there and uncovers the fact that Diru has a room of his own at the hotel and that both Dilru and Julia are sharing the room together. Dev enters the room and hides in waiting.

At that moment both Dilru and Julia were at the beach. Dilru hands over a letter to Julia in which it is stated that he is going back to England. Having done that he strait away leaves the place without bothering to go back to his hotel room, Julia returns to the room alone and is accosted by Dev. In the mean time having come to know about Dilru and Julia, her father hires some thugs to bring them back. Thugs come to the hotel and thinking its Dilru who’s with the Julia, take them by force to confront. Lewkegedara George.

Dev is again brought to Kumara walwwa on the orders of George to be wedded to Julia, thinking he is the father of the unborn child. Begging forgiveness, Julia explains to Dev that as she was pregnant she had to name someone to take on the responsibility. Otherwise her dad would have killed her. Dev says he cannot give his consent to this arrangement as there’s a girl by the name of Shacky, waiting for him in England. Further he promises to bring back Dilru to Sri Lanka, if she is prepared to help him to escape to England.

Meanwhile George gets hold of Dev’s passport and destroys it. Julia, however, helps Dev to escape. Dev goes to Negombo, and from there manages to get on board a ship with the help of a boatman.

Later, arriving in England Dev is arrested by the police in that country. He promptly gives a telephone call to shacky. She comes and gets him released but is not prepared to accept him.

Dilru, who had come to England on the very same day has had handed over a set of photographs of Dev and Julia taken in Sri Lanka, creating a wrong picture in the mind of Shacky. She falls into the trap laid by Dilru. Dilru gets Shacky drugged, and creates a video cassette containing scenes of them in the nude. Using this cassette to blackmail her, Dilru along with the gangsters of the underworld insist that she should transport drugs for them.

Unknown to everybody Dev records this conversation. He accosts Dilru with this information and requests him to come with him to Sri Lanka and marry Julia if he is not to hand over the audio tape to the police. After viewing the video cassette where Shacky appears naked with Dilru, Dev decides to forget her. He however asks the cassette to be handed over to Shacky to be destroyed.

Left with no other alternative, Dilru arrives in Sri Lanka accompanied by Dev. But before leaving for Sri Lanka Dev has posted the cassette to the England police and there by managed to bring to the book the Englishman and his three black friends, the culprits who raped and killed his beloved sister.

Dev, having brought Dilru to Sri Lanka, forces him to wed Julia. Dilru insists that all the wealth Julia posses should be returned over to his name. When Julia objects she is mercilessly beaten. When her parents question him about the beatings, Dilru says there’s an affair between Dev and Julia. She has no one to disclose her grievances other than Dev. Circumstances have forced Dev to grow fond of Julia in spite of him.

One day Julia turns up at the place where Dev is staying. On hearing this, Dilru comes there and shoots Julia with the idea of acquiring her wealth as his inheritances.

While Dev takes injured Julia to the hospital and tries his best to save her life, Dilru conspires to put the whole blame on Dev.

Before the operation Julia discloses to the police that it was Dilru who shot her. After finding out from doctors that he was willing to pardon all his misdeeds as Dev thought he would spend a happy life with Julia. Now that it’s not going to be Dev shoots Dilru to avenge injustices both to his sister and Julia. Dilru dies. Arriving as the scene, George accepts the responsibility of the murder. But when Dev arrives at the hospital Julia pleads that her father be saved somehow. Acceding to her request Dev goes to the police and turns himself in saying that it is he who actually shot dead Dilru. The court after considering all the facets of the case convicts Dev to a 3 ½ years jail term on a lesser offence. As time goes by, Julia gives birth to a girl child. She’s named Devmini. After completing the jail term early, Dev comes in search of Julia and they become lovers for life.

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