Stars from the latest film by Studio X Films

The latest film by Julia comes with famous movie stars in Sri Lanka.



Dilrukshan Karaliedda Bandara is the prodigal son born to the aristocratic family of Karaliedda Bandara. He ended up in England after squandering his parents huge wealth and finally mortgaging even his ancestral residence, the Padukka Walala(Manor). Dilrukshan’s mother is not alive and his farther, Keraliedda Bandara is an invalid, his life confined to a wheel chair.

In England, Dilrukshan is known to everyone as Dilruk. Dev is his bosom pal. Dev is an orphan, his only sibling being his younger sister Thanuja. Both of them reside in England. A free spender by nature, Dilruk soon finds himself up to his neck in debt. Finally he ends up borrowing heavily from an Englishman little knowing he is a gagster from the underworld.

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